Newborn Photography

The perfect time to celebrate postpartum in all of its blissful messiness.

Woman looking down at her newborn baby while she breastfeeds.
Woman laying in bed smiling. She is holding her newborn baby to her chest.

They'll only be this little once...

The newborn stage goes by in the blink of an eye. Between the sleep deprivation, the greatest hormone drop a human could ever experience, and maybe even older siblings, it can be so hard to take in these moments.

To really see them. To fully absorb them and remember.

A newborn session is a great way to freeze those early postpartum days in time.

Partners and siblings are always welcome to join!

I like these shoots to be no-fuss. Don't worry about your hair, makeup, outfits... none of that.

Let the beautiful mess that is postpartum shine through. You are allowed to look like you just gave birth! These session are all about the love and the bonding. The skin to skin snuggles, breast/bottle feeding, and the tenderness.

The best time for these session is within the first week or two after your baby is born.



““[...] During our Newborn session she felt like just another family member at my home celebrating my baby.The photos speak for themselves, but as far as Alannah goes, she’s simply a special kind of human. If you’re questioning wether this investment is worth it - it is. The photos and the experiences are priceless. Hire the photographer, make the investment, you’ll have experiences and photos to cherish forever and, more than likely, you’ll gain a life long friend too.”

Your Investment in Cherished Beginnings

Choosing Alannah Finn for your newborn photography is about capturing the essence of your baby’s earliest days. It's an investment in preserving the tender, fleeting moments of new life in all its purity and joy.

The Newborn Photography Package Includes:

-A relaxed, one-hour session in the comfort of your home, ensuring a natural and genuine portrayal of your family's newest addition.
-A collection of over 25 beautifully hand-edited, high-resolution digital images, celebrating the tiny details and intimate moments of your newborn's early days.
-Complete print release, allowing you to share and relive these precious memories for years to come.

This invaluable capture of your newborn’s first weeks is offered at $425.

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Tips for Your Newborn Photography Session

Embrace the simplicity and authenticity of early parenthood with our "no-fuss" newborn photography sessions. Here's how you can prepare and what to expect:

  • Relax and Be Present: Our sessions celebrate the raw, tender moments of postpartum life. No need for perfect hair or makeup; it's all about connection and love.
  • Best Time for Newborn Photos: Capture the fleeting essence of newborn bliss within the first two weeks after birth, when your little one is still in that sleepy, curly phase.
  • Including Family: I encourage the inclusion of partners and siblings in the session. It's a beautiful way to document your growing family's love and bond.

FAQs About Newborn Photography

What makes your newborn photography unique?

My approach is all about capturing the natural, real-life moments of your newborn and family. I focus on the beauty of postpartum and the genuine interactions between you and your baby.

How do I prepare my home for an in-home session?

Keep it simple and stress-free. A few well-lit spaces and basic preparations are all I need to create beautiful memories.

What should my baby wear for the photoshoot?

Newborns are best photographed in their natural state or in simple, snug outfits that don't overshadow their delicate features.

Can we include special items in the session?

Absolutely! Incorporating sentimental items like a family heirloom or a gifted blanket adds a personal touch to your photos.

How long does a session last?

Sessions typically last about one hour, allowing plenty of time to capture your newborn's beauty without rushing.

What if my baby is fussy during the shoot?

Don't worry, it's natural. I'm patient and flexible, ensuring a calm environment for you and your baby.

How can we book a session, and what's the investment?

Contact me directly to book your session. The investment is $425 for a one-hour session in your home, including a gallery of high-resolution digital images and a print release.

Embrace the Wonder of New Beginnings!

Your newborn's early days are magical, filled with love, tenderness, and incredible moments that pass all too quickly. Let’s preserve these precious memories with authentic, heartfelt photography that captures the essence of your family’s newest addition. Reach out to book your newborn photography session and ensure that the fleeting beauty of this special time is beautifully immortalized. Let's create lasting memories together.

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