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Woman in birth pool holding newborn baby. Her husband is looking over her shoulder with hand on her arm.

Your story is worth the investment.

You deserve to see your birth. You deserve to have this raw, beautiful, life altering experience documented. There is immense power in birth photography. We so often work through labor with our eyes closed. Or, we are just simply so focused that nothing else around us can really sink in. It’s impossible to remember it all. Could your partner snap some photos on your iPhone? Sure. Will your partner be in the photos they are taking? No, probably not. Your team should be completely focused on you, and your photographer should be focused on documenting the way they love and support you! You don’t get a redo.

What you’re getting when you hire me is a professional. Someone who has an eye for detail, and the equipment to handle the ever changing environment. Someone who is certified in birth photography. I have dedicated hours and hours to education on how to photograph births and how to conduct myself in the birth space.

I capture the most powerful moments of you working through your contractions, the most triumphant moments as you meet your baby, and the most tender moments as you hold them and touch them for the first time. I’m not a family or wedding photographer who takes on the occasional birth. I am a birth photographer. I don’t know the day, time, or the amount of time I will spend with you. I have to be ready at a moments notice, even if it means missing out on sleep or a special occasion at home.

I bring trust, calmness, and support to the birth space. I fully trust you and believe in you. Plus, I have a camera that can take way better photos than an iPhone!

I am honored to take on the role of story teller.

Capturing Every Moment: The Art of Birth Photography in Maine

Embrace the beauty of your birth experience with unparalleled dedication and artistry. As your birth photographer, I specialize in capturing every phase of your birthing journey, from the intense focus of labor to the unparalleled joy of your first moments with your newborn. Whether it's the serene setting of home birth or the controlled environment of hospital birth photography, I am equipped to document your story with the sensitivity and expertise it deserves.

Why Choose Professional Birth Photography?

Comparing snapshots taken by family members to the depth and beauty of professional photography highlights the difference in perspective, composition, and moment capture. With a professional birth photographer, not only are your partner and loved ones included in the narrative, but every image is infused with the emotion and beauty of your experience, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories.



“Alannah is not only an incredible photographer but an amazing human. She came for my Birth-Which did not go as planned and stayed with us for so long not only documenting every moment perfectly but also being so incredibly supportive. We also had a newborn session which I’m obsessed with. All of these photos are treasures and I am so grateful to have them forever. Alannah is an absolute pleasure to work with, she’s very accommodating and her work speaks for itself..."”

Your Investment in Memories

Investing in birth photography with Alannah Finn is more than capturing a day; it's about preserving every heartfelt moment of your birth experience, from anticipation to the first embrace. This fleeting, transformative journey deserves to be remembered in vivid detail.

The Birth Photography package offers comprehensive coverage:

-On-call service from 38 weeks until the arrival of your baby, ensuring no moment is missed.
-Continuous documentation from active labor through the first precious hours postpartum.
-A gallery of over 75 meticulously hand-edited, high-resolution digital images captures your birth story's raw beauty and strength.
-Full print release for all your images, allowing you to treasure and share with loved ones.

This complete, professional documentation of your birth experience is available for $1400

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Celebrate and remember the remarkable journey of bringing new life into the world in its most authentic and beautiful form.

Birth Photography FAQS

What is birth photography, and why should I consider it?

Birth photography captures the raw, emotional moments of labor, birth, and the immediate postpartum period, providing a priceless documentation of one of the most significant experiences in a family's life.

When should I book a birth photographer?

It's recommended that you book your birth photographer as soon as you enter your second trimester (or earlier, as I only take on a few clients every month to maintain quality of service) to ensure availability around your due date.

How does the photographer handle the unpredictability of birth?

A professional birth photographer is on call 24/7 around your due date, prepared to capture your birth story whenever it begins.

Will my privacy be respected during such an intimate moment?

Absolutely. Birth photographers are trained to be discreet and respectful, capturing the event in a way that aligns with your comfort level and preferences.

Can my partner and other family members be included in the photos?

Yes, birth photography often includes shots of the partner and other family members offering support, capturing the collective experience.

What's included in a birth photography package?

Packages typically include on-call service, labor coverage through postpartum, a gallery of hand-edited images, and a print release for personal use.

How can I ensure that the birth photography process doesn't interfere with my medical care?

Birth photographers are experienced in working in various birth settings, including hospitals, and always prioritize your safety and the medical team's protocols.

Capture the Essence of Birth!

Your birth experience is a profound story waiting to be told.Reach out to book your birth photography session and immortalize the journey of welcoming your new life into the world through evocative, meaningful imagery.

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